Promotion through YouTube

So you’ve decided to start and promote your YouTube channel from scratch. Everybody once started from scratch. True, then someone achieves serious success — millions of subscribers, tens of millions of views, money and recognition, and someone is content with an audience of several dozen viewers with corresponding viewership rates. You can stop at the second option. And you can strive for the first. And in this case, you have two ways:

Contact the YouTube channel promotion specialists. Such specialists, to say that there are many — to say nothing. A lot and for any wallet. You can get the first 500 youtube views using the service

Try to figure out the subject yourself. If you decide to go in this direction, my sincere advice will definitely help you.

How to start promoting your YouTube channel
Of course, from drawing up a content plan for the next 100-200 years. That is, you will determine for yourself — when you shoot, what you shoot and how often you upload videos to the channel. Having a list of topics handy makes it much easier to manage your resources. The content plan will save you from unnecessary hassle.

And here’s your first life hack.

Make a list of important dates that will be discussed in the media space in the near future. In fact, YouTube has already become the second search engine in the world after Google. And very often citizens, in search of answers to their questions, look not at Yandex, but at YouTube. All you need to do is shoot and release an interesting, useful video for a specific date. For example, for the presidential elections in the United States.

That is, at the x-hour, millions of people start typing specific questions into the search bar and there is a great chance that your video will be noticed, appreciated and subscribed to your channel. This is a completely free and affordable promotion method. The truth is there is one «but» here.

Second life hack.

If the event, no fools, of a planetary scale, you need to upload videos to the platform on the day or on the day of the event. Since, be sure, hundreds of bloggers of varying degrees of success and serious media will speak out about the same elections in the United States. And your video, uploaded a week before the X hour, without having a lot of weight, will very quickly fly to the bottom of the search results. Therefore, to support your video, immediately after publication, launch an advertising campaign on the Viboom service, the official partner of YouTube. For 800 rubles, you will receive 1000 views in a few hours and about 4000 in the next few days. This will allow you to gain a foothold in the YouTube TOP for a specific request for some time, and in some cases — for a long time. Consequently, the chances of being noticed, watched, and subscribed are greatly increased.